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How to Clean Battery Corrosion and Build Up

OOPs! I have not checked my emergency preparedness kit for a while.  Tonight I discovered that my small radio had battery corrosion. What to do? From 1. Check for the corrosion and follow the corresponding directions. * Mild corrosion:…

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How to Hire a Patient Advocate?

CNN had a segment on today about How to Hire a Patient Advocate. August 14, 2009 How to Hire a Patient Advocate Posted: 09:37 AM ET From CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen It’s Empower Me! Friday! Today we are…

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Buddy Taping Broken Toes

If you think you broke your toe, check with your doctor. If he tells you to "Buddy Tape it the info below might be helpful. It is amazing that anything so small can cause so MUCH discomfort.  I am not…

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Little Toe Fractures

Toe and Metatarsal Fractures (Broken toes) How do you know if you have a fracture of a sprain when you toe catches or crashes into something? Yipes, Ever walked into something with your little toe? My foot met the car…

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FIVE STEPS TO BONE HEALTH AND OSTEOPOROSIS PREVENTION from the National Osteoporosis Foundation EAT RIGHT: Get your daily recommended amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D. EXERCISE: Engage in regular weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Avoid smoking…

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