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Private Case Management

Do you feel you have way too much on your “plate” related to medical issues? Our Private Medical Case Manager can help you sort through your medical issues.

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Why Hire Us?

We have over 26 years of professional medical experience to help provide the best solutions for you as your patient advocate private case manager.

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Why a Patient Advocate?

Reduce your stress with caring compassionate information and support, we can provide you with the peace of mind you need to make sound decisions.
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Healthcare Tips from the Patient Advocate

How to Survive in our Healthcare System?

For the best outcomes possible, patients must take greater control of his or her own healthcare.

  • Know your lab numbers.
  • Obtain hardcopies of medical records.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Patients need to be more aware and take charge.
  • Do not wait to get sick.

Most important have an in-depth discussion of end-of life care issues, including what is palliative and hospice care and a discussion of the importance of creating advanced directives now, while you’re still healthy.

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Why should I have to hire a Patient Health Advocate-Private Case Manager, isn’t that what my physician does?
Is covered by insurance?
Can I hire you on behalf of my friend or relative?
Can I engage you if I don’t live in the Central Coast of California?

Why Us?


We offer objectivity that is often difficult to achieve during times of medical crisis.


We have extensive knowledge about the health care system, and can assist you with resources.


You know when you contact us by phone or email that you will get a personal and timely response.

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